What should our model classroom look like?

This is a question we ponder regularly, and is a question we should ponder regularly. Its been on my mind again recently as we (district technology facilitators and IT staff) think about major upgrades to our computer technology hardware.

So, what should our classrooms have in them as far as computer technology? We have started toclassroom concentration.jpg infuse good things into the classroom, but are they the right things? Are there other things to consider?

I’d love to hear any idea, big or small. What would make you want to leap out of bed in the morning and get to your classroom?

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2 responses to “What should our model classroom look like?”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    I think that each classroom should have a smartboard as well as (at least) one computer. The computer for the teacher (attendence, announcments, grades, etc.) and the smartboard to help the students. They should also think about having a few computers in (almost) every social studies room that students could share for projects. This would cause less panic in the computer lab.

  2. Jenna Avatar

    I agree with Michelle. During Social Studies we tend to do the most projects- and with the technology we have at the school, such as smart boards, everyone wants to make a powerpoint. With more then one computer in each social studies room it would cause less panic in the computer lab, and more open room for other kids that need to use the computers as well.