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  • Back in Toronto

    Back in Toronto

    Point A: BuffaloPoint B: Toronto I have always loved going to Toronto as it has all the big city happenings, and is only a couple of hours away. I took a field trip in early October for the first time since the pandemic and had a blast. I’m a sucker for design and layout, and […]

  • NAMM 2020

    NAMM 2020

    I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) annual convention in Anaheim, California in January 2020. A shout out to Williamsville alumni whose donations helped to make the trip possible. The NAMM Show brings together the entire music industry from around the globe. It is a massive event. The NAMM […]

  • Or, It WON’T Happen Just Yet!

    So after my post last week about the announced shutdown of IQTell, here is what came through this week: The feedback about the shutdown fueled a renewed drive for the company to secure funding, and was successful. This is awesome news for the IQTell community. I participated in a thread on the Evernote forums about the […]

  • It WILL Happen!

    In my inbox the other day I received the following email, from a service I had used for a while: IQTell is (was) a productivity system designed to implement the GTD (Getting Things Done) system by David Allen. It was not affiliated with the GTD company, but had a very good handle on what GTD is […]

  • This Finally In…

    I just posted a video I created back in 2008. I am proud of the work and final product and wanted to add it to the blog as I think it is an important piece of work to be here. Click here to transport back to January, 2008: Farewell, Mr. Kramer

  • Tech Fix

    A Chromebook followed me home from the store…here are my first impressions.

  • My Answers

    Taking the questions from the previous post, Questions for Thought, I am going to turn the tables and take a turn as if the questions were posed to me. The framework for my answers sometimes relates to how technology supports learning, since that is the focus on this site. Here we go… 1. What do I need […]

  • Questions for Thought

    I recently was introduced to a great post written by Terry Heick last year around this time, 26 Questions Every Student Should Be Able to Answer. The questions are terrific, and get to the essence of what the teacher/student relationship should be about. Moreover, they are the same exact questions to be used in an administrator/teacher […]

  • Tink, Tink, Tink

    That is the sound of me tinkering with my blog. I’ve missed the writing and thinking it makes me do. You’ll notice the new look (Twenty Twelve by WordPress) – it is supposed to be more mobile-friendly. There are lots of things to learn about how WordPress behaves on devices that have arrived in the […]

  • Welcome

    Welcome to Point A to Point B, a place I am proud of. It represents my thoughts and ideas over a span of seven years (2004-2011) while I was a technology integration specialist. I have moved into a different position, and am concentrating my efforts in different ways. The hiatus is over (see post below). […]