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  • PowerPointlessness is Everywhere

    Thankfully (tongue-in-cheek), the education realm is not the only place PowerPoint is abused…here is today’s Dilbert-enjoy! Note that you may have to click on the comic to see the last frame – you will be taken to the Dilbert site.

  • The Best Free Software

    The current issue (March 2008) of PC Magazine features an article, The Best Free Software: 157 Apps for Work and Play (p.78). This got my attention not only due to the attractive price, but more since its getting close to the time where we determine what software we want installed on our computers for next […]

  • The Top 100 Most Influential *People* in IT

    The title of this article published by eWeek should really be, “The Top 100 Most Influential Men, with a couple of women tossed in, in IT. By my count there were a total of seven women in this list. Seven??? I guess its no suprise that men dominate the IT industry, given the stereotypical image […]

  • Digital Storytelling

    I’m just finishing up with some of my required extra work hours for school. While these hours are a ridiculous paperwork nightmare for everyone, the purpose and focus allows for good study and reflection time. In a post earlier this year, Video is Hot, I talked about how video captures the minds of students. I […]

  • Ride the Digital Wave 2007

    I attended the Erie 1 BOCES Ride the Digital Wave Conferene on Staff Development Day, March 30th. The sessions I attended were as follows, along with some commentary and interesting pieces: Keynote by Dr. Ron Owsten, York Universtiy, Toronto. Dr. Owston spoke about how we need to rethink learning in the context that the students […]

  • What should our model classroom look like?

    This is a question we ponder regularly, and is a question we should ponder regularly. Its been on my mind again recently as we (district technology facilitators and IT staff) think about major upgrades to our computer technology hardware. So, what should our classrooms have in them as far as computer technology? We have started […]

  • flibbertigibbet

    How fun is that word??? It was the Dictionary.com Word of the Day for December 22nd. It means a silly, flighty, talkative person, and the word certainly matches the definition. Regardless of its meaning, its just plain fun to say – try it – you’ll see what I mean. I subscribe to the Dictionary.com Word […]

  • A Friend, A Colleague, and A Good Time

    Today Heim Middle says farewell to a good person – Mr. Talarico. Since the beginning of the school year he has been with us for his student teaching experience. He is not your typical out-of-college youngster – he is young at heart, but brings a lifetime of experience to his teaching career. I believe more […]

  • Let the Fun Begin!

    We just received word that it is time to update our 5 year technology plan, formulate the 2007-08 wish list, and also identify any building needs that would have a major financial/structural impact (wiring rooms, etc.). I really enjoy this part of the process – this is where we ask what should we be doing, […]

  • RSS, anyone?

    There are lots of great new tools on the Internet today: blogs, wikis, podcasts, XML, RSS, social networks, social bookmarks, and more. Making sense of them can be a daunting task. The one key new technology that can help to put all the rest into perspective is RSS. You don’t have to know anything technical […]