Farewell Mr. Kramer

This video was created in January of 2008, but not posted to this site until March of 2015. This is one of my creations, a tribute to the principal of Heim Middle School who was retiring. The video represents so much of what I enjoy about video, and the power it has to tell stories.

When tasked with a project like this, there is only so much time and resources available. I find that video comes together much more easily with some sort of story or angle. In this case it was the walk-through. Mr. Kramer could always be found walking the halls, checking on what was going on in the building. Using that framework, the idea for “walking” the building, capturing interviews and stills, came to life. Many of the clips that made the final cut were off-the-cuff interviews by those involved.

Editing this piece became a lot of fun. The secret sauce that brings it all together is the music, not surprisingly. It is amazing how music that sets the right mood really helps video transcend into another level.

The entire clip is about 11 minutes. There are some very funny spots, and some emotional ones. Every time I watch it I think about how some transitions could be different, or some edits could have made for smoother flow. But, every time I watch it, I think the story really is powerful. Especially the closing couple of minutes beginning with the tribute on the scrolling digital sign.

Chuck Kramer did great things at Heim Middle – here is a brief tribute to his time there – I hope you enjoy it. Click the link below to be taken to the video.

Farewell Mr. Kramer




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