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  • Cloudy Video

    I successfully created a video using all cloud tools. Recently we held the Williamsville District Art Show at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village, and I took numerous pictures and videos of the event with my  phone. I am used to downloading photos and editing in either iMovie or MovieMaker, both of which do a nice […]

  • A Refreshing Look at a Hot Topic

    We have certainly heard a lot about the H1N1 virus and what we should do to help prevent its spread. When I first read the email from BrainPOP that they had resources about H1N1 (swine flu), my first reaction was, “Oh, great, even Tim & Moby are talking about it.” I must say that I […]

  • Hello Crew!

    Hello video announcements crew! I just finished a workshop at Amherst Middle with Mr. Z. on using Visual Communicator. Click on the video below to see some of what I learned. Get the Flash Player to see this content. Let me know what you think, and see you in August!

  • Bravo, Ladies!

    Three students from Heim recently won the Generation YES Go Green video contest. In the contest, students were directed to produce a video about how our school is Green and/or how it could be better at it. In the GenYES spirit, all aspects had to be student-driven. I can tell you without a doubt it […]

  • Performing Knowledge

    We recently completed a video project with one of our social studies teachers. This 7th grade project involved students picking one topic from the curriculum, and interpreting it with video in some form. We showed the students some samples from TeacherTube, including some done locally in a Buffalo high school. We then set them loose […]

  • Video Poems

    We just finished a video poem project with Mrs. Calandra’s classes. The idea came from a Creative Educator article I have on my digital storytelling page. The twist we added was to have the students put imagery to their own original poetry. I have to say I was very excited by the level of work […]

  • Sweet Camcorder

    I was at a friend’s house over the weekend for a suprise party. They have a brand new HD camcorder that I noticed on the counter. You know how sometimes you see something, pick it up, and get that OH WOW feeling? Well that’s just what I got with this baby…it’s a JVC Everio GZ-HD3, […]

  • Farewell Mr. Kramer

    This video was created in January of 2008, but not posted to this site until March of 2015. This is one of my creations, a tribute to the principal of Heim Middle School who was retiring. The video represents so much of what I enjoy about video, and the power it has to tell stories. […]

  • Reflecting on our French Video Project

    Now that you have finished your French video project on shopping, take a few mintues to reflect and respond to the following questions. Did your French speaking get significantly better by doing this project? Was it easier or harder than if we just did a speaking piece in class? Was there more value doing this […]

  • Reflecting on Our Digital Storytelling Project

    Now that we have finished the personal narrative piece in ELA incorporating digital storytelling, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Do you think your writing improved as a result of this project? Give at least two reasons why or why not. How was this project different than if we simply wrote […]