Worldwide Conferences at Your Computer

I had the opportunity to participate in a web seminar (web-inar) today regarding 1 to 1 computing. There are a number of schools and states that are starting a program to equip every student with some form of computing device (laptop, PDA, tablet) in order to promote better learning. I hope this concept is one we can bring to Williamsville before too long. This webinar included some high level college researchers, K-12 Administrators, and upper level managment from Gateway and Microsoft. The coolest part is that it took place while I sat right in the computer lab. Using a website called WebEx and a telephone, I was able to listen to the presentors and see their presentation appear on the computer screen. Polls, Q&A, and chat are all handled right at the desktop.

This is a perfect example of how technology brings opportunity that otherwise would be hard to take advantage of. Rather than having the expense of traveling to see such a presentation, the presentation (and all participants) came together virtually, and the same end product was achieved.