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  • NAMM 2020

    NAMM 2020

    I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) annual convention in Anaheim, California in January 2020. A shout out to Williamsville alumni whose donations helped to make the trip possible. The NAMM Show brings together the entire music industry from around the globe. It is a massive event. The NAMM […]

  • A Space is Worth a Thousand Ideas: Word11 at the CSI Annex Toronto

    Imagine walking into the space above to learn. That is what I had the opportunity to do at Word11 in Toronto this weekend. Word11 was an event for bloggers to get together to learn and share about the purpose and business of blogging. The space is the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) Annex, one of […]

  • Off to Word11

    I am excited to be going to Word11 in Toronto this Saturday, which is affectionately titled the blogging event of the century. It is a 24-hour  venue for bloggers to listen to speakers during the day, and get into serious writing/sharing/geeking out overnight. I’m only doing the day gig, but the whole thing sounds cool. […]

  • Staff Development Day March 2011

    Design Team Day on Prezi On Friday the district held a staff development day where we split up by curriculum area K-12. The focus for the day was on design questions from Robert Marzano’s The Art & Science of Teaching. Facilitators for each curriculum area were formed into what were called design teams, and included […]

  • Glogging NYSCATE 2010

    NYSCATE 2010 has begun in Rochester. I am going to try a different approach to posting snippets of my experiences (rather than a stream of tweets). Here is a Glog of workshops, ideas, blurbs, etc. that are coming out of NYSCATE. I’m putting this up on Saturday afternoon, and will hopefully add as the conference […]

  • Three Great Conferences and Change in the Air

    This week is shaping up to be very adult-learner centered. I’ll jump to the end of the week when next Saturday begins NYSCATE’s Annual Conference in Rochester, NY. NYSCATE always puts together a great program that combines visionary leaders, enriching presentations and hands-on training. This year the program looks to do that again. What has […]

  • Momentum

    This coming Friday, October 8th, our district will be holding a staff development day focuesd on technology. It is going to be an exciting day, as there are many events planned. A quick overview: Keynote by the ever-inspiring Alan November Content-area breakout session (focused on instruction that incorporates technology) Elective breakout session (focused on a […]

  • On Conferences and Thanksgiving

    On a certain Thursday in November, the tradition goes that one must stuff oneself with as much food as possible and spend the next three days going through withdrawal and recovering from such a fun endeavor. The weekend immediately prior to that day, in New York, one goes through a very similar experience at the […]

  • Content Tech: Riding the Digital Wave Conference 2009

    Content Tech Ideas for Technology Use in the Classroom Erie 1 BOCES hosted the 5th Annual Riding the Digital Wave Conference at the Harlem Rd. Education Campus. Below is my under-5-minute wrap up of my experience. Click to play, and mouse over the lower right corner of the video to find the full-screen button. Here […]

  • Reflections on Tuesday at NYSCATE

    Conferences can be fun, educational, and tiring. When I woke up Tuesday morning at NYSCATE, all of this was in play. My session, Video in the Classroom to Captivate and Motivate (nyscate08g09), was scheduled for the first slot, and I was excited about it. I thought that after that, I could cruise through the last couple […]