Reflecting on our French Video Project

Now that you have finished your French video project on shopping, take a few mintues to reflect and respond to the following questions.

  • Did your French speaking get significantly better by doing this project? Was it easier or harder than if we just did a speaking piece in class?
  • Was there more value doing this project as a movie than doing it as a skit in the classroom?

Your honest feedback is just fine (meaning you won’t hurt our feelings). Please use complete sentences and thoughts – no chat language, please!





25 responses to “Reflecting on our French Video Project”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    I think by doing this project, I learned how to speak French better and more fluently. By speaking in complete sentences and filming in a real life situation, I was able to understand more clearly the sentence structure and how to correctly pronounce the words.I think that shooting a movie was easier than doing a speaking piece in class because you could edit out your mistakes, add lots of cool features, and not have the pressure of preforming it in front of the whole class. I believe this movie had more value than doing a skit for the class. Because it was in a movie format, I think that it seemed more realistic and seemed more like the real thing, speaking the language you would as if you were in a real french store. Also, if it were a skit for the class, I think it would seem more boring for several students and less people would pay attention to the french being spoken.

  2. Rachael Avatar

    I think my french speaking did get a little better. I liked doing this rather than doing a project in front of the whole class, because you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. I think that it did have more value because people made their videos funny and interesting. If it was just a skit in front of the class people probably would pay less attention because it’s not so interesting.

  3. Kevin Avatar

    I think this project would have been better if we did it in front of the class. It would’ve been so much easier.

  4. Alina Avatar

    I think that doing this project helped me speak better in French. I thought it was easier to do a movie rather than a skit in class. You were able to cut out parts you messed up on and if you did it in front of the whole class you can’t erase mistakes. Also on the movie you got to add cool features like sounds, title slides, and different transitions. Also, you got to be really creative and put in it anything you want.Lastly, doing a movie had more value because it was almost like a real life situation and it could really happen.

  5. Adam Avatar

    When i first found out that we were going to be doing this project, i thought it was going to be really hard.But as we got deeper in to the project i found it to be easier and alot of fun. I loved doing this project because i got to improve my french and work with people that i hadnt worked with in a while. i liked putting in the speacial effects. I personally thought this was a very good idea.

  6. Juliet Avatar

    I think my French speaking improved a lot. I think it was better to do this project on a video rather than in front of the class. I thought it was cool to put special effects in the movie. I enjoyed doing this project because if I messed up, I could try it over again. In front of the class you would only have one chance. It also wasn’t as stressful because you weren’t doing it right in front of the whole class. I do believe this had more value as a movie. This movie was a fun and interesting experience. I enjoyed it a lot.

  7. Audrey Avatar

    Doing this project has definately improved my french speaking. It was so fun watching the other videos because i didn’t think that they would be good~even though they were! This was easier doing it as a movie because you could add the extra effects that you don’t get in real life. Doing this project was really fun and I think we should do another one!

  8. AJ Avatar

    This project has improved my french speaking.
    It was a lot easier in front of the camera than in front of the class.It was also kind of fun instead of a random speaking piece!

  9. Brett Avatar

    Doing this project was fun.My speaking improved a lot because this was fun to do and it was better not doing it in front of the class, but showing it later on.It had signifigantly less pressure then doing it in front of the class.Adding the special effects and customising you skit was very fun too.I enjoyed doing this project very much.

  10. Lindsay Avatar

    I think doing this project improved my french a lot. It’s easier to speak sentences and understand words better. I think that doing the project like we did was easier than doing it in front of class because when you act the whole class isn’t watching you. Also if you make mistakes it’s easy to fix and make something funny out of them. The bloopers and special effects were also very fun to make and show the class.

  11. Hannah Avatar

    I think this project was a good idea. Not only did it get us to use computers and other technology, but we also got to work with some people that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise, if we had picked our own parteners. When we first found out about this, it sounded very diffucult. My partener and I had a hard time at the beginning, but we got through it and finally got started. I liked this project and I look foward to doing more like it.

  12. emily s Avatar
    emily s

    I think this project improved my French speaking. I think it was better doing it in the way we did because if you messed up you could cut that piece out of your movie. You could also add cool things to it like sounds and different sounds. I enjoyed doing this project!

  13. Ev-dog Drizzle Avatar
    Ev-dog Drizzle

    I think by doing this project, I got better at speaking French. I think instead of doing a piece in front of the class where, if we messed up, it wouldn’t be so bad on us. I think the only difference between making a mistake on this and making one in front of the class was people in front of the class couldn’t hear the mistake. On the video, you could still see when you made the mistake, just not what you said. I also liked the fact that we could have a little fun with it on the computers. And last, I liked that we weren’t critiqued right when we said something bad from Mr. Russo, where as, if we would have done it in front of the room, we would have gotten some “help” from the students and Mrs. Royal. (no offense)

  14. Sana Avatar

    I think that this project improved my French speaking .This is because we talked in a real life situation.I also thought that doing a video was easier and better than just doing a speaking piece in front of the class.This is because if we messed up in front of the class we would not be able to do it over again.On the contrary in the video we were able to edit out our mistakes.To conclude i also thought that doing a video had more value because it was like more like a real life situation.

  15. Ted Avatar

    Our French speaking definately got better than if we did this in class. there was less pressure of messing up and we could go back and edit out things we didn’t want.

  16. Guillaume =] Avatar
    Guillaume =]

    Our french videos were very funny and good.It was better than doing classwork and all of the worksheets that we usually do.Not only were these videos fun,but they also helped our pronunciation of words.

  17. !!ramsha!! Avatar

    <p>i thought it was a great way to learn french and it was an aweosome way to do it too!! but i think that we should have chosen our partners and maybe we could have more people at first i thought that i was goinig to be hard and really messed up. but in the end i think i was fairly easy. it was also good thing to raise our grade.c’est fantastic!</p>

  18. Michelle Avatar

    I do think my French got better. Repeating the words as I practiced helped my pronounciation. It was much easier to flim the project then to present it in class because you could do all of the editing and not have to worry about making mistakes.

  19. sumayyah Avatar

    I think this project improved my pronounciation.
    now I know a lot more french words than I used to. I also thought this project was really fun.
    I think it would be better if we filmed it rather than doing it in front of the whole class. That way you would not be so nervous.

  20. Joe Avatar

    I thought the project was very very fun it was a differnt type of project and i never made a video before so it was fun!

  21. Hadia Avatar

    I think by doing this project, my French has improved. It was very fun, and I think it was better than doing a normal skit in class. It was great watching other videos. You sort of get new ideas about next time. It was nice speaking French fluently and learning about what it would be like in a real life situation.

  22. Danielle Avatar

    I think the project really was fun. It improved my french speaking and it was fun to watch everybody elses movies and also your own to see all your mistakes in it. I think that it was better than a french skit in class.

  23. Emily Avatar

    I think this project improved my french because you have to understand french more to be able to speak it in a sentence that makes sense. It was better than doing a skit because you could edit parts where you messed up. This project was hard because you had to memorize the script, but it was a lot of fun.

  24. Shaun Avatar

    i think that my french got a little better with speaking fluntly and it was much easier than speaking in class. This was more vaubale than just doing a skit. It was a lot of fun, hope I do it again, see you in class

  25. Isaac Avatar

    I was out of town for a while so it took me a long time to respond.)

    I definitely think my pronunciation has improved during this project. before i could barley figure out how to pronounce any words at all but it is a little easier for me now.
    As for there being more value in this than just doing a skit in the classroom, I’m not sure. I think I could have gotten about the same amount of learning out of both.