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  • Bravo, Ladies!

    Three students from Heim recently won the Generation YES Go Green video contest. In the contest, students were directed to produce a video about how our school is Green and/or how it could be better at it. In the GenYES spirit, all aspects had to be student-driven. I can tell you without a doubt it […]

  • Performing Knowledge

    We recently completed a video project with one of our social studies teachers. This 7th grade project involved students picking one topic from the curriculum, and interpreting it with video in some form. We showed the students some samples from TeacherTube, including some done locally in a Buffalo high school. We then set them loose […]

  • Video Poems

    We just finished a video poem project with Mrs. Calandra’s classes. The idea came from a Creative Educator article I have on my digital storytelling page. The twist we added was to have the students put imagery to their own original poetry. I have to say I was very excited by the level of work […]

  • Reflecting on our French Video Project

    Now that you have finished your French video project on shopping, take a few mintues to reflect and respond to the following questions. Did your French speaking get significantly better by doing this project? Was it easier or harder than if we just did a speaking piece in class? Was there more value doing this […]

  • Reflecting on Our Digital Storytelling Project

    Now that we have finished the personal narrative piece in ELA incorporating digital storytelling, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Do you think your writing improved as a result of this project? Give at least two reasons why or why not. How was this project different than if we simply wrote […]

  • Just around the bend…

    …is the 2007 installment of the state educational computing conference, sponsored by NYSCATE. I’ve been browsing the program, and there are many interesting sessions to choose from. My favorite part about the conference is getting time to spend with national (and international) experts in educational technology. I’m signed up to spend a pre-conference day with […]

  • Oh, and the Other Thing Today…

    So today was one of those “sneaker days” as I call them. Running from project to project and room to room. These days are awesome… Mrs. Leone’s 8th grade spanish class finished the first digital storytelling project for the year today. Students had to be filmed in an interview situation with a partner. The content […]

  • The Second Full Week – Just as Full

    So here it is a week since the last post, and the second full week is done. Were we ever on summer break? I can’t remember it at all now… Open house was Wednesday night, and I’m very pleased with how our feature video went. We have changed the format of open house a little […]

  • The answer…TeacherTube

    Perhaps this is the answer to being able to have kids produce and upload videos to a public site that does not also contain the stuff we don’t want kids to see…TeacherTube. Launched in March, TeacherTube has the look & feel of YouTube, w/o the worry of the bad stuff. I just created an account, […]

  • Digital Storytelling

    I’m just finishing up with some of my required extra work hours for school. While these hours are a ridiculous paperwork nightmare for everyone, the purpose and focus allows for good study and reflection time. In a post earlier this year, Video is Hot, I talked about how video captures the minds of students. I […]