The Beginning

My summer reading list did not get too long, but the books I read were awesome! See the recently read list in the sidebar at right for my book list. Interestingly, two of the books, totally different in nature, ended the same way. Each had as the closing, “The Beginning,” instead of, “The End.”

Peter Reynolds “The North Star” is a simple, inspirational book about following your heart to where and what you should do in life. T.H. White’s “The Once and Future King” is a classic fantasy of the story of King Arthur. The reasons each of these made it on my reading are similar – they both invoke and reinforce a lifelong desire and committment to learning.

Both books leave the reader with the sense of desire for more – the beginning of a journey. Both were great as a kick off to the new year. Having just finished the first day of the 07-08 school year, it really the beginning of an awesome new adventure – and only we can make it end up as we wish!