Great Questions – Do Anyone’s Tech Standards Adress These?

Courtesy of Barbara and her Dare to dream – Classroom technology Blog, the following questions appeared on a t-shirt being given out by Nettrekker:

21 Skills for 21st century learning!

Can your students….

Make complex choices?

Benchmark a process?

manage a negotiation?

Communicate clearly?

Motivate others?

Connect globally?

Organize information?

Cope with change?

Read a digital map?

Demonstrate innovativeness?

Resolve conflict?

Distinguish fact from opinion?

Respond to a blog?

Frame problems and solutions?

Sell ideas to others/

Give an effective presentation?

Set priorities and goals?

Lead a team?

Use technology well?

Learn outside the classroom?

Work effectively in teams?

If I look at our district K-12 technology standards (which look much like any other district – word processing skills, spreadsheet basics, presentations, ethics, etc. etc. etc.), just about NONE of the above questions are addressed. And I think it is reasonable (absolutely necessary…) that the above are the skills we should be aiming for. If that is the case, what does it say about the general state of technology “standards?”

Thanks for the post, Barbara!