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  • Am I a Dinosaur?

    Attending NECC virtually has been fascinating. Not the same as being there for sure, but reading and watching what I can, I do feel a connection to what happened. There is still a long list of videos/podcasts to catch up on, but I’m brining my official attendance to a close. The twitter-skype chat-live blog thing […]

  • Great Questions – Do Anyone’s Tech Standards Adress These?

    Courtesy of Barbara and her Dare to dream – Classroom technology Blog, the following questions appeared on a t-shirt being given out by Nettrekker: 21 Skills for 21st century learning! Can your students…. Make complex choices? Benchmark a process? manage a negotiation? Communicate clearly? Motivate others? Connect globally? Organize information? Cope with change? Read a […]

  • Another “Jump Out”

    Browsing through the blog postings from NECC, this one-liner shared during Andrew Zolli’s keynote panel discussion jumped out at me: (thanks to Jorge on his Desert Dew blog) In the new paradigm, the Principal is now called “The Chief Learner.” Pow. Why? It comes down to learning. Great teachers since the beginning of time know […]

  • Technology is Still Just a Tool, Right?

    One of the things ed-tech-ers have to watch out for is being swayed by the “cool new tool” syndrome. Interestingly, Twitter, as an example, was all the rage at NECC. Its just a tool, but post after post talked about the tool, rather than the learning. At NECC there were folks live blogging, twittering, and […]

  • Virtual Attendance Still Requires Planning Ahead

    In my virtual attendance of NECC, the first thing I have learned is that to keep on top of the flood of information coming out of NECC via blogs, etc., you have to have to know what is going on so you can key into those sessions. Since I was not attending, I did not […]

  • The Constructivist Consortium

    Just reading all the blogging coming out of NECC is a time-consuming task. One post that just jumped out at me to look into comes courtesy of Slyvia Martinez’s Generation YES blog. The Constructivist Consortium hosted a daylong Constructivist Celebration at NECC, as part of their launch. Gen YES is a major sponsor along with […]

  • Getting Busy in Atlanta

    The RSS feeds are starting to hum with activity in Atlanta, and NECC really has not started yet. Today was the EduBlogger Con, a 1 day pre-conference involving many of the big names in blogging. The picture posts in Flickr are also starting to flow in. One that jumped out at me, and is really […]

  • NECC 2007

    The National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) is about to launch in Atlanta this weekend. I was almost able to pull off attending this year – but various reasons are preventing me. I’m severely bummed, as the last time I went was in Philadelphia in 2005, but I’m going to capitalize on this by seeing just […]