Open Source Sweetness

So in the land of pesonal learning, I have been working with open source software to learn how this type of software can be beneficial. What is open souce software? For the most part it is FREE software that does all the things pay-for software does. People write code for this software in the interest of making good things, and are not looking for money.

I have a computer that I built and have installed Linux OS on (instead of Windows or Mac OS). The particular version of Linux (called a distribution) is Suse version 10.1. Along with the OS comes the web browser, tons of utilites, and more so you can do all the things necessary without the price tag.

Doing open source is not for the faint-of-heart, but it is well worth it. Since it is FREE, the possibilities are ENDLESS. Many corporations, and now schools, are switching to open


source solutions to control costs. Open source may be in your future!






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    If i was trapped on a desert island with only one electronical item, i would have a cell phone to tell all my friends im a desert island and bring me food!!lol!