QuestGarden !


I was just in Bernie Dodge’s session on “Obstacles to Faster Webquest Creation.” If you have ever done a webquest, you know that they are great, but take time to create and manage.

Bernie unveiled a new webqeust generating (and hosting) tool called QuestGarden that will be available Sept. 1st. It takes many of the technical hurdles out of the picture, and provides a nice scaffolding for creating deep webquests for students. Since Bernie is developing the tool, it will have all the pieces that make webquests great.

Price? For the first year, free, and then starting in 2006, $20 for 2 years – an unbelievable deal.

BTW, sorry about the blurry pic, but I was at the back of the aud. during the presentation and had to move fast so I did not block anyone during the shot.