Tag: NECC 2005

  • eThemes

    Looking for quality web resources for your classroom? I was introduced to another free online resource called eThemes. It is teacher-reviewed, kid-appropriate web content based around over 900 different themes, or topics. The site, and themes, are maintained by an outstanding program called eMINTS, based in Missouri. This is a site for teachers to go […]

  • Day 4 Theme

    This one was easier to come up with as I spent my last half day at the Technology Leadership Forum sponsored by ISTE. The theme for day 4 was: Vision There are 11 essential conditions a district must have for successful technology implementation. Those 11 conditions are: -Shared Vision -Equitable Access -Skilled Personnel -Professional Development […]

  • Day 3 Theme

    A lot went on for me in day 3, but if I have to boil it down into a theme, it would be: The Future The day started with a keynote by futurist & author Joel Baker, who spoke on his book (and theory) Five Regions of the Future. I then spent some time looking […]

  • Face to Face Finally

    I got to meet face to face for the first time last night with lots of people from MarcoPolo whom I have known virtually for the last few years. The MarcoPolo partners did an overview of upcoming developments for the site, and wow, there are some neat things coming online soon. Xpeditions alone covered 7 […]

  • Sweet

    One of my hobbies is architecture – I’m a sucker for an awesome building, and the PA Convention Center is one. The entry building you see above is the old railroad train shed (the oldest surviving single-span arched train shed in the world). Upon entering and going upstairs, you are greeted by the grand hall […]

  • Day 2 Theme

    Contructivism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: In education, constructivism is a learning theory which holds that knowledge is not transmitted unchanged from teacher to student, but instead that learning is an active process of recreating knowledge. Constructivists teach techniques that place emphasis on the role of learning activities in a good curriculum. See constructivism (learning […]

  • QuestGarden !

    I was just in Bernie Dodge’s session on “Obstacles to Faster Webquest Creation.” If you have ever done a webquest, you know that they are great, but take time to create and manage. Bernie unveiled a new webqeust generating (and hosting) tool called QuestGarden that will be available Sept. 1st. It takes many of the […]

  • Internet2

    If a dial-up modem connection is the size of a soda straw (in terms of how much data can travel through it), and a cable modem is the size of a water main pipe, then Internet2 is built on pipes the size of the water intakes in Niagara Falls. Internet2 is a new portion of […]

  • Wiki – mania

    Wikis are websites that anyone can edit. It is another unique product of the online revolution. One of the neatest projects that has come out of this is Wikipedia – an online, community-created and edited encyclopedia. In concept it is just like traditional encylopedias. The primary difference is that the authors are anyone who chooses […]

  • Day 1 Theme

    The theme that came out of today (based on my participation in the Tech Coordinators forum and Keynote) is: Knowledge is a conversation, not a destination. We know this, but we don’t always practice it. Schools are still entrenched in “disbursing” information for the purpose of testing. Technology in the hands of kids at home […]