The Top 100 Most Influential *People* in IT

The title of this article published by eWeek should really be, “The Top 100 Most Influential Men, with a couple ofZDTop100.jpg women tossed in, in IT. By my count there were a total of seven women in this list.

Seven??? I guess its no suprise that men dominate the IT industry, given the stereotypical image of men being computer savvy. I was just suprised at how glaring the lack of influential women in IT is, in this age of equality, or attempt at such.

Is this just one more uphill battle girls in school will have to face – another profession which they will have to go out of their way to prove themselves to get anywhere? I think about my daughter, only 2 now – does she face the same glass ceilings that have existed for years, and will the glass be thicker?

I sure hope not. Technology IS the necessity of the future, and there is 50% of the population that has just as much brain power and skill to lead companies, and the world, in the direction we want them to go.

Attention all girls: You are bright, you are talented, and you have every right to lead the way in what happens in techhnology. Don’t let ANYONE, including yourself, let you think any differently!!!

Image citation:

"Top 100 graphic." eWeek. 12 May 2007. Click image above for source URL.





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