Visual Thesaurus

I just completed the final set of extra work hours for my school – they are still a ridiculous paperwork nightmare for everyone, but they continue to provide focused time for study and reflection.

I spent today with the work of Robert Marzano, specifically on his research into building adacademic backround knowlege and academic vocabulary. I’m working on how technology tools can support this approach.

ani-book.gifThere are many ideas that are going on in my head, but the one that stands out that I want to investigate is the Visual Thesaurus. This tool, best described by just going to the site and trying it, puts words and their definitions in a whole new visual context. It’s is a pay-for site, so it will necessary to work with it and see if it is worth it. I remember first being introduced to this site a couple of years ago at NECC, and I think its time to revisit and really get a handle on its use.

This puts a whole new spin (pun intended – you’ll know what I mean if you try the site) on learning words and relationships of words. Go there, and enjoy!!!

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