First Day of Kindergarten

My son started his school learning journey today. He was very excited when he woke up, hopped on the bus (yes I was a doting dad with the video camera) and had a great day. We had a bit of extra excitement at the end of the day when he did not get off the bus as he should have. Turned out that he was put on the wrong bus, and the driver did not notice the extra passenger for a little bit. Mommy and Daddy got many new gray hairs, but he just enjoyed an extra long bus ride.

Anyway, the joy in the eyes of a kindergartner going to school is so invigorating. I have to be honest and say that, while I may look more tired than excited, I feel that sense of excitement everyday. I look forward to the new opportunities that each day brings. The learning playground that I get to go to “work” in every day is a pleasure. Is every moment easy? Nope. Are there things that I wish I did not have to do? Yup. Is having a job of learning coach an awesome opportunity? You bet.

How do we manage that kindergarten enthusiasm so it lasts right through the tough years (middle school), drag years (high school) and beyond? How do we inject that elixer so professionals feel charged up and ready to seize every day with every student?