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(pat, pat, pat)…Still Here!

Well, July 1st has come and the blog is still here – woo-hoo! The transition from Teacherhosting to DreamHost is complete.

One of the reasons I like to do the extra work of registering and hosting my own blog is so I can understand and learn about it. The move was not so bad but I have to say I have learned quite a bit about site management in the last couple of weeks.

A tip of the hat and many thanks to Aaron from Clarity Innovations for his assistance during the transition.

3 replies on “(pat, pat, pat)…Still Here!”

Overall service is so much better. Teacherhosting was fine, but in the support area it was lacking. I always had the impression they set the service up, and never really worked on building it. Which is probably why they ended up stopping.

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