(pat, pat, pat)…Still Here!

Well, July 1st has come and the blog is still here – woo-hoo! The transition from Teacherhosting to DreamHost is complete.

One of the reasons I like to do the extra work of registering and hosting my own blog is so I can understand and learn about it. The move was not so bad but I have to say I have learned quite a bit about site management in the last couple of weeks.

A tip of the hat and many thanks to Aaron from Clarity Innovations for his assistance during the transition.






3 responses to “(pat, pat, pat)…Still Here!”

  1. Steve Avatar

    Congratulations on your move. How different is DreamHost from Teacherhosting?

  2. Michael Avatar

    Overall service is so much better. Teacherhosting was fine, but in the support area it was lacking. I always had the impression they set the service up, and never really worked on building it. Which is probably why they ended up stopping.

  3. Steve Avatar

    Great. Why not use some of that extra server space to play with some software? I’ve got a number of great apps discussed on my blog: http://openedweb.com/blog