The Machine is Us/ing Us

This video, created by Michael Wesch and posted at YouTube, is great to show how Web 2.0 has changed our world. The one here is a repost of the video at TeacherTube, a much more educational friendly site. It is not clear if this repost is has permission granted to do so, however.

I’ve been trying to embed video here on the blog with mixed results – if your browser crashes, my apologies – still trying to learn how to do this fun stuff.

Update 7 Sept. 2007: I’m pretty sure the emebedded video has been crashing this page, so to see the video, click here to view it at TeacherTube.

Video citation:
The Machine Is Us/ing Us. Dir. Michael Wesch. 2006. TeacherTube. 20 Aug. 2007 . This repost by mrstacey on Teachertube – original by Michael Wesch posted at YouTube