Where Did September Go?

So the last post was the day before the computer lab opened, and now *blink* and its the end of September already – yikes! Its been an awesome couple of weeks – the labs are humming with business, Open House went well, and some of our Staff Development initiatives are under way. Wow, what a month!

Its only the beginning – there are some new projects in the “hopper” that look exciting. A lot of interest in video already, and its going to be cool.

October, here we come!!!





2 responses to “Where Did September Go?”

  1. Mystery Chick Avatar

    september went far far away
    along with sunny days
    because it is all rain
    in the fall….

  2. romeo girl Avatar
    romeo girl

    sept. was when my b day was so the month went by reaaly fast and the first month of school is over