PC Magazine’s August 8, 2006 issue features articles on the future of technology. A comment that jumped out at me is in Mark Anderson’s predictions (p.75). In talking about how one-to-one computing is the key goal in education, one of the things he points out is that it will create “super-learners.” I love the term – it implies a voracious appetite for learning, and the technology provides the endless food to nourish.

I think we have always had super-learners. What we have not had, though, is accross-the-board access to information so that anyone really can become a super-learner. What technology brings to the table is the ability to provide ANYONE with access. One-to-one initiatives strive to make that happen.

Mark Anderson is founder of the Strategic News Service, CEO of the Future in Review Conference, and Chairman of the Board of Project Inkwell. A busy man with his thoughts in neat places. Check out some of his stuff – I plan to!