Coming to the Lab in the AM

The computer lab is a busy place in the mornings. So I’m wondering, what makes you come into school early to use the lab, rather than doing your work at home on your own computer? Is it because the work you are doing is in your server folder? Does something not work on your computer at home? Some other reason?

Just curious – any comments most welcome.

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I like all the extra features they have at school. I come early everyday so I might as well get some work done in the mornings for future classes.

I come in early for many reasons. I do homework with other kids and review my notes, this is better than studying alone.

I like the extra features at school, like the fanale notepad and other things. and i come in almost everyday anyway so i might as well get some work done!

because i can. i forget my homework at school during the weekends. i need to start using my agenda mate.

My computer at home runs on a windows system. I find that Mac systems run better for my school work, plus I just like how much better the Mac’s run compared to my computer!

i come in early so i can work on group projects and its easier to focus than using my computer at home there are less thing to disract me i guess.

At home I am tempted to go on AIM. Here there is no AIM so i am less distracted and get more work done.

I go because, sometimes I have a project that I already started in school, and my teachers want it done at school too. Also the game sites are fun too, but thats not always why I’m here.

I come in to usually work on projects in E.L.A, or just if I want to play math games or something like that.

I come here because you are nice to me and also because i get alot of work done the first time so i just kept on going and going and going and going and now i go every day!!!!

I love how I can come in, work, get things done, and pretty much work until school is in. I also have some of my friends with me and they help me out with some of my work. Another reason is beacuse my parents don’t know much about computers and here I can ask anyone about something thats wrong.

i want to get a head start from everyone else on the middle ages project.I also have alot of freinds who come here too.

i like the computer lab because the computers move faster than my dial up. My parents dont feel the need for wireless internet so i like the schools internet. Although i cant get on my sites like yahoo and check my mail real quick or i cant go on myspace 4 obiouse reasons i enjoy being able to research here

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