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Sony PSP – WAY Cool

I just had my first opportunity to try a Sony PSP – sweet! Now I’m not a gamer, but the size of this, along with the controls and the ability to hit the Internet make this one cool device. I may just have to change my Christmas list…

6 replies on “Sony PSP – WAY Cool”

I want one of those so bad!
they look so sweet, you can do like
everything on it! I def. am asking Santa for
one of those babies! It’s like 3948239 uses
in ONE small gadget!
*I knew being a good girl this year would pay off!
Thanks for listening!

Word. that is a pretty slammin thingy up there

i think i shouold get one…. or maybe not. i just like how it looks.
im putting that at the top of my list, then again id probablly lose it or sit on it and break it so maybe its not such a good idea….
i cant wait till Santa comes to town. Hes pretty sweet. ho ho ho merrrrryyyy christmasssss

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