If All Goes As Planned…

Our technology plan for the next 5 years, titled (appropriately) Heim 2010, is in place. In the first phase, next year we will be replacing classroom instructional computers. We have not replaced computers in a number of years, so this is the focus for next year. In addition to that, we will begin 2 other parts of the plan – mounting computer projectors in classrooms, and starting a video studio. Both of these initiatives have some awesome possibilities for learning, and we are looking forward to implementing them.

If all goes as planned, next year is year one of a 5-year plan that will see Heim Middle leading the way in technology integration!





One response to “If All Goes As Planned…”

  1. Brian N Avatar
    Brian N

    Mr. russo, is there any way I can get my hands on one of the iMacs that you will be replacing? I’m dying to own a Mac running OS 10.

    Brian N