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Following up on the advanced Google search tip last week, an advanced image search in Google presents some very useful filters. Today we’ll look at one way to do an advanced image search to find copyright-free images.

Items produced by the U.S. Government are free from copyright (since we all pay for the government with taxes, we get to use the stuff 🙂 ). This includes images found on government websites. Students looking for images that are OK to use can do an advanced image search and restrict the results to government websites (sites that end with “.gov”).

To search for images at government websites only:

  1. Go to Google, click on the link for Images, and then click on Advanced Image Search (it’s to the right of the search box)
  2. On the advanced image search page, type in the search terms in the top box
  3. Near the bottom of the search page, in the field that reads “Return images from site or domain,” type .gov (include the dot before gov)
  4. Click on Google Search, and the results you get should only be images from government websites.

Notice in the Advanced Image Search page that there are other filters for searches including type of image (clip art, line drawings, etc.), file types (.jpg, .gif, etc.) and image size. These filters can be a great help in improving image search results.


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