TTT: Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer

Tuesday’s Technology Tip
Little ‘bytes’ of information to hopefully make your computing life easier.

When you have multiple web pages open at once, each one can be displayed on a separate tab, rather than in a separate window. These tabs make it easy for you to switch between open websites without having to manage multiple windows.

In Internet Explorer, Quick Tabs provides a miniature visual view (called a thumbnail) of all your open tabs. This makes it easier to switch to the webpage that you want to view. With multiple tabs open, press Ctrl-Q to see thumbnails of your open tabs. Click on the thumbnail of the webpage you want to switch to.

Here is a screen shot of a Quick Tabs view in Internet Explorer (click to enlarge):



This tip is taken from Nancy Wilhelm’s great Tips & Tricks newsletter. A new issue appears monthly, and can be found on the homepage of WITS. Loook in Public Documents | Common for Entire District | Tips & Tricks | Newsletter.