File Tip

Tuesday’s Technology Tip…
(little bits of information to hopefully make your computing life easier)

With everyone cleaning out their server folders, questions have come up again about file extensions. All computer files use a 3-letter suffix to help the computer figure out what type of file it is. When saving, the file extension should be created automatically for you. It is a good habit to make sure your files have the extension on them, especially when saving and opening between Windows and Macintosh. Some of the more common file types are:

.doc Word DOCument
.xls EXceL Spreadsheet
.cwk AppleWorKs (the “c” is from when it was called ClarisWorKs)
.ppt PowerPoinT
.isf InSpiration File
.exe EXEcutable file – these are program files that run in Windows
.jpg Joint Photographic Group – these are picture files (from digital cameras, etc.)
.gif Graphical Interchange Format – these are graphic files
.pst PerSonal folders file (this may be in your server folder – do not delete it – it is a file that stores emails so they do not count against your limit)

If you run into a situation where a file does not open like you expected (or with the correct program), check out the file extension to see if it clues you in to the issue.