Essays: By hand or computer?

Hey Mr. Nocek’s classes – you just took a test and had the option of handwriting or word processing the essay. Which do you prefer? Why? Do you find that you write more/better when using the computer? Please comment back on this – thanks!

Mr. R.





21 responses to “Essays: By hand or computer?”

  1. Augie Avatar

    I personally prefer typing my essay. If each student had a laptop then we wouldn’t need to lug around binders and we wouldn’t need lockers. all handouts could be e-mailed via the internet. All we would need would be a weather-proof case and a laptop.

  2. Hannah Avatar

    I think that the computer is alot better. It is easier for the students and, im sure it makes it easier to correct. The computer is faster and it checks spelling for you, it makes life easier =]

  3. Kristin Avatar

    I think that word processing on the computers and doing essays oon the computers is way better. The computer checks spelling for you so it is eaiser. It is a lot eaiser for people with bad handwriting like me…. and i am a fast typer compared to how fast i can write an essay on paper. It is probablly eaiser to correct too.

    the end =) I also agree with hannah, she is always right.

  4. Sarah Avatar

    I think it is much easier on the computer…like everyone else said you can correct it easier, and i type faster than i write. So that makes it easier for kids.

  5. Julie Avatar

    I think it’s easier on the computer. Its easier than handwriting, you don’t have to worry about the teacher not being able to read it. Typing is faster than handwriting, so you can get more done typing.

  6. emma =] Avatar
    emma =]

    heyy Mr. Russo!!
    I decided to be a kind student because I am a frequent visitor in the Heim Middle School Computer Lab. I felt I should pay my respect. As for my opinion, I prefer word processing. When I typed my essay, I finished 10x faster than i would have if I wrote about it. So there is my opinion for this issue, I hope it helps!

    Thanks! <33

  7. Alisa Avatar

    hey kristin! your cute 🙂

    uhh anyways. i like computers better because they are faster and then we wouldn’t have to wait as long to get our papers back and stuff…

    <3 alisa

  8. Alisa Avatar

    ps: i didn’t take the test cuz i don’t have mr nocek but that sounds much easier! i don’t know if you can change your answers if you get a clue from a question later in the test though. but if you could do that i like that better

  9. Kate Avatar

    I perfer the “hard copy” essay because I type really slow. I am also not used to taking tests on the computer. Thats just me though!


  10. Mitch K. Avatar
    Mitch K.

    personaly I write about 10x faster than writing, but computers make the evil essay seem fun(er) I’m still a deccent typer. Besides why stick to the usual and *shudder* write. That’s just me speakin though.

    Mitch K.

  11. Mitch K. Avatar
    Mitch K.

    srry, I ment to say I write 10x faster than I type.

  12. Dakota Avatar

    Uhh i prefer the computer, its faster and easier

  13. Sara Avatar

    I prefer the computer tests and writing essays on the computer better than a hard copy. I think the test goes by faster and is a lot easier to complete. Typing an essay is better because you can go back and edit and also spell check. I also type faster than I write and you can keep an open mind for new ideas and be able to add something to certain parts of your essay like at the beginning where as there is no way you could have done that with a hard copy.

    Sara 😛

  14. Ali : ) Avatar
    Ali : )

    typing is
    (for students)
    ~sooooooooooo much faster
    ~your hand doesnt get tired easily
    ~when you trying to wright fast, sometimes i skip letters or mess up and dont really notice and the computer helps you with that!
    ~you can see the corrections easier because it is so much more neat and clear
    (i think for teachers)
    ~it is probably so much more easier to read
    ~you can probably correct it faster by seeing the mistakes easier
    ~it looks sooooo much faster to grade

  15. Rachel Avatar

    I like typing it better becuase you can inclue at lot more information and be way mor detailed than if you writing becuase it takes longer. I’ts a lot faster and even though I took untill the end of class it was worth it becuase I got to include alot of details and information. It’s alot easier to make corrections and there are no spelling mistakes. It’s a lot easier to get done too.


  16. Aaron Avatar

    Typing is much easier than writing. I have very neat handwriting (told to me by many people) but it takes me a long time to write. Cursive is faster, but not as neat. Typing is also good because it helps me improve my grammar. Sometimes typing is bad because it doesn’t pick up improper word usage.

  17. Bailey Avatar

    I prefer to write my essays and take the hard copy tests! This is just me, but my testing style is a lot harder to do on the computer. In multiple chioce questions, i like to “X” out the answers that i know are wrong. This makes it easier to coose if I am not sure about the answer, because i cn limit it down to fewer choices. I cannot do that on the computer. Also I look back on previous questions, to figure out the question I am currently on, if I remember reading something about it earlier. When I tried to do this on the computer, i got confused. With my essay it is basically the same. I look back on the multiple choice questions for extra facts to enhance my essay. I can’t do that on the computer because once you submit your test you can’t accss the questions again. Also i usually make a web, circle diagram, or some other form of an prganizational tool. I think that I type just as fats as i write, so that part makes no difference to me.

  18. Marissa Avatar

    The computer essays are so much easier!!!!!!!!!

  19. Marissa Avatar

    The computer essays are so much easier!!!!!!!!!

  20. Matt : ]  8 ) Avatar
    Matt : ] 8 )

    typing rocks and is easier

  21. Ian Avatar

    Typing is easier beacause you don’t have to check for spelling, but I think when you write the essay by hand you’re more conscious of what you are saying. You’re more likely to go back and fix things if you handwrite because you know you make mistakes. When you handwrite you go back and check things the computer doesn’t, but you assume it would’ve. I like handwriting better.