“WITS for Kids”

We are going to be rolling out a new web interface for students this fall in the form of WITS. It is the same WITS that staff has used for a few years now, but focused on information that students need. When a student logs into WITS (using the same web address – wits.williamsvillek12.org), he/she will see teacher class notes, an event calendar, schedule and grade information, and more.

This access for students will provide a very consistent look & feel for everyone in the district, and everyone will see the same information (dates, schedules, etc.)

The site will also have a parent information area and student showcase, so we can show off work created by students. Once in full use, WITS will provide some excellent resources and communication tools for our learning community.





One response to ““WITS for Kids””

  1. Linda Avatar

    Hi, I think that WITS is wonderful. I am a parent and I like having ‘a clue’ into my childrens lives. I have 2 chidren and would like to switch between the two easily. Is there a way???? Currently I have to restart the computer.

    Thanks in advance.