21st Century Classroom

As part of a class I am taking at Canisius College right now, we had to create a presentation on building a 21st century classroom. Here is my project, done in VoiceThread. Its about 15 minutes long – enjoy it if you like!






2 responses to “21st Century Classroom”

  1. Nancy Cook Avatar
    Nancy Cook

    I love how you used Voicethread for your presentation. Did it take you long to prepare the presentation? What presentation software did you use? Did you use a screencasting tool or upload separate slides (jpg files) to Voicethread?

  2. Michael Avatar

    It was not too bad to prepare, but I probably recorded each slide over at least once or twice, so that took time. I did the presentation in Google Docs, downloaded as PPT, and uploaded into VocieThread. All my voice comments and drawings were done in VoiceThread, so it was a very smooth and easy process. I’m really liking what VoiceThread is capable of, especially how the commenting works. Thanks for your feedback!