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  • “Without the time machine, all choices have the possibility of being wrong.”

    “Without the time machine, all choices have the possibility of being wrong.”

    I recently read Scott Berkun’s book, “The Year Without Pants.” It is an informative and entertaining book about his more-than-a-year working for, reporting on what it is like to work in a remote-only environment. He offers insights into the daily life of managing a team across the globe, and compares them to his own […]

  • My Answers

    Taking the questions from the previous post, Questions for Thought, I am going to turn the tables and take a turn as if the questions were posed to me. The framework for my answers sometimes relates to how technology supports learning, since that is the focus on this site. Here we go… 1. What do I need […]

  • Questions for Thought

    I recently was introduced to a great post written by Terry Heick last year around this time, 26 Questions Every Student Should Be Able to Answer. The questions are terrific, and get to the essence of what the teacher/student relationship should be about. Moreover, they are the same exact questions to be used in an administrator/teacher […]

  • A Space is Worth a Thousand Ideas: Word11 at the CSI Annex Toronto

    Imagine walking into the space above to learn. That is what I had the opportunity to do at Word11 in Toronto this weekend. Word11 was an event for bloggers to get together to learn and share about the purpose and business of blogging. The space is the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) Annex, one of […]

  • New Tagline

    As I mentioned in a recent post, with my new position, I have been wondering about the tagline for the blog. The tagline is what appears just under the title of the blog, which is Point A to Point B (see the top of the page). I have decided since my new role expands beyond […]

  • Moving On

    I am delighted to report that the work to get my administration certificates has paid off. This past week I was appointed to an administrative position within my district, Williamsville. Effective July 1st, I will be the Instructional Specialist for Fine and Performing Arts, Business Education, and Home and Careers. That is a long and […]

  • Cogito Ergo Blog

    I reflect, therefore I blog. A tweet came through last week that caught my attention. I retweeted it, favorited it, and now have spent some time looking back, reading, reflecting, and now writing: As is the case with social media, the path to the origin of the thinking took a bit. Shelly Terrell sent this […]

  • Collaboration, Coaching and Reflection

    Professional development is a key component in helping students learn. When teachers are focused on improving student learning, they need support (i.e. professional development) for themselves to continue to learn. Some of the most inspiring colleagues I have worked with are those who, even after a long career, continue to seek out opportunities to improve […]

  • Staff Development Day March 2011

    Design Team Day on Prezi On Friday the district held a staff development day where we split up by curriculum area K-12. The focus for the day was on design questions from Robert Marzano’s The Art & Science of Teaching. Facilitators for each curriculum area were formed into what were called design teams, and included […]

  • Technology Integration in the New NYS Teaching Standards

    New York is a winner of the Race to the Top funding initiative sponsored by the federal government. There is a whole host of passionate conversation about what RTTT means for education. I’m going to skip that part of the dialogue for now and focus on what has been going on in New York, and […]