Let the Fun Begin!


We just received word that it is time to update our 5 year technology plan, formulate the 2007-08 wish list, and also identify any building needs that would have a major financial/structural impact (wiring rooms, etc.). I really enjoy this part of the process – this is where we ask what should we be doing, and how can we get it done. We are in the middle of the 5 year plan we started 2 years ago, and are making excellent progress. This will be a good time to reflect on what we are doing and make sure we still want the same things (or, if we need a change, figure out what those changes are).

This 5 year plan turns into a “wish-list” of items that has a really high price tag (typicallly $200,000) – we never get nearly that much, but if we don’t put down what we need (and how much it costs), we won’t have the necessary direction.

So the questions that come to mind…

What should students and teachers using technology in learning look like at Heim Middle?
Are the right technologies in the right places?
Are we using technologies that are worth the expense (in time and money)?
Are there other ways to focus resources (time/money) to maximize learning with technology?
Are there physical issues/needs in the building related to technology placement?

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4 responses to “Let the Fun Begin!”

  1. Renee Roess Avatar
    Renee Roess

    -more smartboards/permanent in each room
    -some rooms are too small for the portable
    -scanners are important as well
    -building needs wiring to support these new technologies
    -still need old fashioned boards/dvd players

  2. Pam Lombardo Avatar
    Pam Lombardo

    I think we are certainly on the right track. I believe the goal to get smartboards into all classrooms is well supported by all in the building.
    Continue the many inservices to support technology and increase the comfort level of staff to use it. It’s really getting to be overwhelming…there are so many resources on the web and it is time consuming to sort through them.
    Do we have enough portability or are more mobile labs needed as we increase technology use in the classrooms?

  3. cderme Avatar

    Team 5-2 Would like the following items on our Wish-List

    – A projector for our team
    -A smart board/ scanner in each room
    -Printer in the A wing so we are not all interrupting Heather Krieger’s classes

    Continued time/ training on the technology resources we have at Heim.

  4. rnocek Avatar

    1. Felt that the Smart Board direction was the way to go
    2. Heard about the three d program for the video. Looks like this could be quite interesting.