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  • Flashback Friday: Making the Connection

    In a year-long review of items I wrote in this blog 5 years ago, this installment of Flashback Friday looks back to October 2004 and the post, Making the Connection. What I wrote: Kids today are connected. When they go home, they do not pick up the phone anymore. They get on the computer and […]

  • Flashback Friday: WITS for Kids

    In the last year or two many districts have been opening a web portal for parents and students to access information about what is going on in school (grades, etc.). For this month’s flashback, I wrote back in September 2004 about how our internal website, WITS (Williamsville Information Tracking System) was being opened for student […]

  • Flashback Friday: What Matters?

    In this month’s flashback, one of the posts I wrote in August 2004 is What Matters? The two questions I posed regarding if using technology in a lesson are appropriate were: Does the technology allow for new and unique learning experiences that are not possible without it? Does the technology allow for increased, more efficient […]

  • Flashback Friday: Goals for this Blog

    Point A to Point B is celebrating what I think is a reasonable milestone – the five year mark. I began this blog immediately after attending the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in 2004 in New Orleans. The sessions that stand out in my mind from then are Bernie Dodge’s spotlight session on wikis (at […]