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  • The Writing Process

    Clear, articulate, concise writing is important for our students. The mind of a middle schooler may often be anything but clear, articulate and concise 🙂 (and that is OK). What strategies can we use to help students acquire and integrate learning of the writing process? Better Answers is a writing program we are working on […]

  • Content Tech: Google Lit Trips Followup

    Content Tech Ideas for Technology Use in the Classroom A few weeks back in Content Tech we looked at Google Lit Trips as unique way to study literature through geography. In Mrs. Calandra’s English 9R class, we used the Lit Trip as part of their study of The Odyssey by Homer. Reading this book can […]

  • Content Tech: Google Lit Trips

    Content Tech Ideas for Technology Use in the Classroom Mrs. Calandra’s English 9R class is about to embark on a journey in Google Earth as they read The Odyssey by Homer. Google Lit Trips are very interesting and a new way to teach literature, incorporating the geography of the book. We’re planning to have students […]

  • Content Tech: 5th Grade ELA

    The 2007 5th Grade listening section had a very cute story about a photographer who encountered a rare lioness: Lion Story After 2 readings, the following questions were asked: Lion Questions Two of the questions have reasonably tricky distractors, and the question asking for supporting details from the story could be a stumper if not […]