TTT: Indenting Paragraphs

Tuesday’s Technology Tip
Little ‘bytes’ of information to hopefully make your computing life easier.

There are two ways to set up indenting in Word. First, by using the menus:

  • Choose Format | Paragraph…
  • Set the left and right indents under Indentation

The second way is to use the Ruler:


If the ruler is not visible, choose View | Ruler. On the left edge of the ruler, you will see three symbols that look like an hourglass sitting on a box. Moving these symbols anywhere on the ruler affects the current paragraph or selection as follows:

  • Moving the top triangle indents the first line of the paragraph (or the first line in every paragraph you have selected).
  • Moving the bottom triangle indents all lines in the current paragraph (or all lines in all paragraphs you have selected) except the first line. This is called a hanging indent.
  • Moving the square moves the “hourglass” and sets a normal indent (all lines in the current paragraph or selection will be left aligned).


This tip is taken from Nancy Wilhelm’s great Tips & Tricks newsletter. A new issue appears monthly, and can be found on the homepage of WITS. Loook in Public Documents | Common for Entire District | Tips & Tricks | Newsletter.






2 responses to “TTT: Indenting Paragraphs”

  1. Peggy Avatar

    In keyboarding “lingo” when all lines in a paragraph are indented EXCEPT the first–it is called a “Hanging Indent”.

  2. Michael Avatar

    Awesome – thank you for the clarification (and note the updated post 🙂 )