TTT: WITS Locker

Tuesday’s Technology Tip
Little Tips to Hopefully Help Make Your Computing Life Easier

Staff has access to the same locker that students do in WITS. To attach something to your WITS Locker, do the following:

a1: Click the “Personal” tab
a2: Click “My Documents” on the left
B: Click on “Add Document”
C: Click “Browse” in the window that opens up and find your file on the computer
(also note the allowed file types for upload are shown here)
D: Click “Upload” to put the file in WITS
E: It will now appear in your list of files. To Download it click on the filename.
F: If you are done with a file on WITS you should delete it with the “red X icon”

(click image to enlarge)

You may attach something to your locker from school to work on at home, or attach it from home to bring to school. Your files will not update as you work on them. You must save them on the computer you are working on and then place them back in your locker when you are done by following these instructions again.

Hat tip to Chris Poole at Transit for the directions and graphic!