Category: Digital Citizenship

  • Technology Integration in the New NYS Teaching Standards

    New York is a winner of the Race to the Top funding initiative sponsored by the federal government. There is a whole host of passionate conversation about what RTTT means for education. I’m going to skip that part of the dialogue for now and focus on what has been going on in New York, and […]

  • Web Literacy 101: Look Up!

    I have a geeky habit that I would like to admit…I prefer to type out web addresses, rather than bookmarking them. Why? Because it forces me to think about how websites are organized, and it tunes me into the browser address bar and what site I’m at. I completely understand that using the search box […]

  • Delete Cyberbullying

    At a regional technology integrators meeting on Friday I was introduced to some new (to me) materials to help make the point of what cyberbullying can look and feel like. Click below to hear a brief, direct, audio message from The National Crime Prevention Council and the AdCouncil: In the Kitchen with Megan You can […]

  • Copyright Confusion

    Thanks to an article in a recent issue of eSchool News I was introduced to an outstanding new report, The Cost of Copyright Confusion for Media Literacy. The report is co-authored by researchers from Temple University and American University (American U. happens to be our librarian Mr. Saia’s alma mater). I found the report to […]

  • Harsh – But Gets the Ball Rolling…

    In David Warlick’s book Raw Materials for the Mind (4th ed.), he has the following quote in the introduction: “IT Departments do not work for the technology. They work for the teachers, to make sure that teachers can use the technology to produce the learning experiences that they know need to happen in their classrooms. […]

  • Cyberbullying: Theory to Action

    I just finished Nancy Willard’s book titled Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats: Responding to the Challenge of Online Social Cruelty, Threats, and Distress. It is full of good information on this important topic. I think the strength of the book is in the final chapters that talk about legal considerations for individuals, families and schools. There are […]

  • Internet Safety: Student Version

    Hey gang – start by reading the post below which has the adult version of this. Done? Good – now here it is again, but changed just a bit for you… There is a lot of scary information about what could (and has) happened to kids because of their behavior on the Internet. There is […]

  • Internet Safety: Adult Version

    I attended the presentation tonight by FBI Agent Holly Hubert on Internet Safety. I have seen her speak before – she is excellent, and scary at the same time. Following up on what she said, here is an excerpt of the article Mr. Kramer & I wrote in the April 2006 PTSA Newsletter: There is […]

  • Password Changes

    It is time for student passwords to change. PLEASE portect your password even more carefully than your locker combination. Do not share it with anyone, and if you ever think someone knows it, ask a staff member in the computer lab to help you change it. Also remember that you should use a password that […]

  • iSafe

    In the last couple of days I have heard about a program called iSafe. In the online world it is increasingly important for students (and adults) to be careful of who they interact with and how much of their real identity they share. iSafe is a program that teaches students how to stay safe while […]