Password Changes

This September it is time for students to change passwords. IT has begun a rotating schedule where students must change passwords at the beginning of the school year, and staff must do so halfway through the school year.

Why change passwords? Not to drive you crazy in trying to remember the new password, but for security. With the ever growing amount of information stored in personal folders and on the Internet, security of these environments becomes more and more important.

Protection on the Internet

Our senior network engineer in the district, Bob Rossi, said recently that in the past year, the amount of bad & nasty viruses, worms, etc. on the Internet has increased far more than in any previous period.

Michael Dell, chariman of Dell Computer Corporation, recently sent out a letter to all Dell customers regarding this issue. Here is the first part of the letter:

July 29, 2004

Dear Dell Customer,

The Internet has fundamentally changed many aspects of our work and personal lives. But the profound benefits of having a world of people and information at our fingertips does not come without dangers and difficulties.

Every time you are on the Internet, your PC is at risk of being infected by insidious programs like viruses, worms and spyware. Millions of Americans now have broadband Internet access, but a lack of common firewall protection makes computers attached to these connections more vulnerable to outside threats. In addition, the