This One Got My Attention…the XO-3

Soak in this image for a few moments…

and now this one…


This is the next-generation concept design from the One Laptop Per Child team. This device does not exist yet, but the XO-3 as it is called simply looks awesome. I’m not sure what is the most appealing part – the slim design? The onscreen virutal keyboard? For many years I’ve been in the camp that tablet computers are the wave of the future (see this post). Like many, I’ve been disappointed by the design and/or price of current offerings.

It’s impossible to make judgement without being able to actually use this device. On appearance, it looks like this tablet could be the one that fills the mobile-tactile-interactive media device need.

What if it came in at the projected price of $75? What if it was in the hands of EVERY child in EVERY school IN THE WORLD?

It is still just a concept device, but as good concepts should be, this one just demands attention. I’m in…

See and read more about the XO-3 on the blog (images courtesy of that site).





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