Content Tech: Google Advanced Search

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Ideas for Technology Use in the Classroom

We all use Google to search for information to help us teach. Have you tried an advanced search to get more of what you are looking for? For example, do you want to find PowerPoint files related to an upcoming unit? What about flash video clips to use in a notebook file?

If you want to look for PowerPoint files, then try this…

  1. Go to Google, and click on the link for Advanced Search (its to the right of the search box)
  2. On the advanced search page, type in your search terms in the top box
  3. In the middle of the page, click on the File Type drop down and select Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt)
  4. Click on Advanced Search, and the results you get should be PowerPoint files related to your search.

If you want to find flash video files to use with your curriculum, do an advanced search as above, but for the file type, choose Shockwave Flash (.swf) as the file type.

As you browse around the Advanced Search page, you will notice many options for fine-tuning your search.

Happy Googling!


P.S. I’m attending a BOCES workshop about Google in the Classroom – many new ideas, tips and tricks to share!