Content Tech: Providing Recognition

Content Tech
Ideas for Technology Use in the Classroom

In the ongoing review of Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, the next strategy is providing recognition. Recognition is the most enjoyable part of learning, as it is the way we get to show off what we know and are able to do.

Of the tools discussed to provide recognition, one stands out as the easiest and most accessible to promote recognition – using web resources, and specifically web showcases. The Student Showcase section of our WITS webpage is our version of this, and is also something I need your help to keep updated with current material!

We have had a showcase for student work in WITS for a while now, and each year I try to update it with new projects. Inevitably, I forget to think about this piece as a class comes through for projects. What products do you have that would be good candidates? If they are digital already, or if they are “analog” and could be scanned, it does not matter. The student showcase is a perfect way to show some of the great things we do, and easily get parents and family to see them also.

If you have not checked out the Student Showcase in a while, take a look at it – on the homepage of WITS, click on Student Showcase under School Intranet in the left navigation bar.

If you have lots of work you can post, I will suggest another resource discussed in this chapter – data collection tools – to have your students help to select the top 4 or 5 for showcasing. Using the clickers, have the students anonymously review and rate projects, making selection a collaborative process.

I look forward to “ramping up” our showcase with your help!

Image courtesy of Joe Hatfield on Flickr.