Connecting the Classroom: Helping Student Build Global Learning Networks w/Will Richardson – NYSCATE

While the title of this session was clear, Will started by inviting the conversation to go in any desired direction. We traversed many topics during the hour with some interesting points and conversations. Of note:

  • Will linked the session into and broadcast video/audio live via the Internet. He “advertised” the session stream via Twitter, and a dozen or so peole from around the world jumped into the chat space and had a sidebar conversation along with us. Very interesting global connection here!
  • Comment from Will (I think): If teachers do not use new tools, they won’t do it with their students.
  • Conversation: How do we as professionals maintain balance in this new world of connected tools? I call this the on-the-plate/off-the-plate discussion. For me personally, newspapers and TV are a thing of the past. Gone. Done. Stopped paying for cable a couple of years ago. That’s where I found the time to “plug-in” to the network.
  • Comment from chat room: Professional Development should be embedded in the curriculum areas and learning, not focused on technology.
  • Bell ringing comment of the session, from a session participant: Schools are still designed for a teaching culture – not a learning culture. Pow. Exactly. This is what needs to change.

No clear path to the discussion, but very interesting places we went…