The Constructivist Consortium

Just reading all the blogging coming out of NECC is a time-consuming task. One post that just jumped out at me to look into comes courtesy of Slyvia Martinez’s Generation YES blog.

The Constructivist Consortium hosted a daylong Constructivist Celebration at NECC, as part of their launch. Gen YES is a major sponsor along with a few other groups. What caught my attention is that the day was hosted by Gary Stager (founder of the CC) and Peter Reynolds (from FableVision another sponsor of the CC). Their mission is empowering learners – learning is the center of everything, and that rocks. Any group led by Gary and Peter is tops in my book – I’ve seen them both in action. The CC looks like something to watch out for – and I plan to keep a close eye on what they do and how we can make it happen here at Heim.

As a side note, I’ve been following the work of Generation YES for a few years now. We’ve never taken the plunge to use their curriculum/materials, but based on reading Sylvia’s blog, I have a renewed spark to see what they have to offer.







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  1. sylvia martinez Avatar

    Hi Michael,
    Glad you liked the description of the Constructivist Celebration! I’m afraid I could barely capture the energizing spirit of what really happened that day. For me, it helped shape the rest of the conference by giving me a day to just focus on learning before the craziness set in.

    Please feel free to help shape the mission of the CC – what we do next might be simply what we get asked to do!

    NYSCATE in Rochester in November might be a place where something can happen, so if that interests you, let Gary know… (gary at stager dot org)