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  • A Refreshing Look at a Hot Topic

    We have certainly heard a lot about the H1N1 virus and what we should do to help prevent its spread. When I first read the email from BrainPOP that they had resources about H1N1 (swine flu), my first reaction was, “Oh, great, even Tim & Moby are talking about it.” I must say that I […]

  • Thanks, Crew

    We had a great year with video announcements. Many of the crew are 8th graders, and have been involved for 3 or 4 years. It’s always exciting for our graduates to move on to high school, but its also sad b/c they’ll be gone. Here is a little tribute to Aaron, Brianna, Caroline, Chris, David, […]

  • The Best Free Software

    The current issue (March 2008) of PC Magazine features an article, The Best Free Software: 157 Apps for Work and Play (p.78). This got my attention not only due to the attractive price, but more since its getting close to the time where we determine what software we want installed on our computers for next […]

  • The First Full Week – A Full Week!

    The first full week of classes included a very full week of activity in the lab. The district has initiated a keyboarding program in 5th grade. In addition to the many startup activities (classes registering for electronic textbooks, WITS orientations, etc.) all the 5th graders have begun their keyboarding classes. One of the nice side-benefits […]

  • The answer…TeacherTube

    Perhaps this is the answer to being able to have kids produce and upload videos to a public site that does not also contain the stuff we don’t want kids to see…TeacherTube. Launched in March, TeacherTube has the look & feel of YouTube, w/o the worry of the bad stuff. I just created an account, […]

  • In your words…

    …what is a podcast? They are everywhere, but I’m curious how you define what one is. Do you use them/watch them/listen to them? Post your reply here (by clicking on the comment link above, just under the title of this post) and describe as best you can what a podcast is. Image citation: Weave. �Podcast […]

  • Coming to the Lab in the AM

    The computer lab is a busy place in the mornings. So I’m wondering, what makes you come into school early to use the lab, rather than doing your work at home on your own computer? Is it because the work you are doing is in your server folder? Does something not work on your computer […]

  • Middle Ages Project Rocks!

    Hi everyone! So my blog is an example of a website where the web address is not the same as the title of the site. It can sometimes be difficult to determine all the details from a website, but with a little detective work you can do it! From a website, you want to try […]

  • Knee Surgery, Anyone?

    Edheads (www.edheads.org) is a cool site where you can learn some stuff about weather, simple machines, and yes, knee surgery. Check it out to try your hand at being a surgeon!

  • Music Notation Software

    Mr. Marinaccio’s classes just started coming into the lab to notate their rhythmic speech compositions. We are using the free version of the notation program Finale, called Finale NotePad. You can download and use this program at home as well. To get the download, click here Happy composing!