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  • Touch This – Tactile Learning and Technology

    A few weeks back when the iPad became available for pre-order, I investigated and decided not to order since my current OS does not support it. Getting the iPad would send me into that unforgiving and expensive upgrade loop where I would have to get a new OS, and hence a new computer, etc. just […]

  • On SMART Boards and other Interactive Whiteboards…

    A comment I posted at the site for the SMART Board Lessons Podcast was discussed on the episode that followed. Ben Hazzard and Joan Badger are the hosts of this excellent weekly show that focuses on using SMART Boards in the classroom. The discussion (during episode 74) that caused my comment was about the differences […]

  • SMART Board Sweetness

    So with the current focus on updating our 5-year Technology Plan, I’ve been thinking about new hardware. In the area of interactive whiteboards, the newest thing is an all-in-one solution that includes the whiteboard, a projector, speakers and all necessary computer hookups in one wall-mountable system. The version from SMART Technologies, our district’s standardized brand, […]

  • Homerun

    I just finished the last presentation of the year – woo-hoo! I convinced my very talented colleague Pam Lombardo to present with me about our first year of having SMART Boards full-time in classrooms. We had a full house in the session, and I think the message of what can be done with interactive whiteboards […]