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  • Hey – I’m In This Video!

    Some “party crashers” (aka learners from another workshop) dropped into our Web 2.0 workshop with David Jakes on Sunday. They were learning movie making and took the opportunity to interview Dave. There are audio issues where the camera person is heard more than the subjects, but here is the product of their learning, posted as […]

  • Welcome to the Human Network – An Introduction to Web 2.0 with David Jakes – NYSCATE

    Presentation resources can be found here. The first part of the day David spent providing an overview of Web 2.0, focusing on its place in the classroom and how it “changes the game” of learning. Some of the key points as takeaways for me: The key to bringing people on board and understanding Web 2.0 […]

  • Just around the bend…

    …is the 2007 installment of the state educational computing conference, sponsored by NYSCATE. I’ve been browsing the program, and there are many interesting sessions to choose from. My favorite part about the conference is getting time to spend with national (and international) experts in educational technology. I’m signed up to spend a pre-conference day with […]