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  • Staff Development Day March 2011

    Design Team Day on Prezi On Friday the district held a staff development day where we split up by curriculum area K-12. The focus for the day was on design questions from Robert Marzano’s The Art & Science of Teaching. Facilitators for each curriculum area were formed into what were called design teams, and included […]

  • A Zillion Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

    I am a big fan of new technologies for the classroom. I am not a big fan of taking a new technology tool and coming up with ways to use it for learning. As much as I am a fan of mechanical tools, I do not dream up 1000 ways to use a screwdriver. When […]

  • Linking Design Questions, Instructional Strategies and Technology Tools

    This coming school year our professional development program is focused on Marzano’s Art & Science of Teaching. Cross-district teams organized by grade or subject area (“Design Teams”) will be meeting to focus on design questions brought up in the book. Over the course of the next 3-4 years we will undergo district-wide conversations around the […]

  • The Writing Process

    Clear, articulate, concise writing is important for our students. The mind of a middle schooler may often be anything but clear, articulate and concise 🙂 (and that is OK). What strategies can we use to help students acquire and integrate learning of the writing process? Better Answers is a writing program we are working on […]

  • Worksheets and the Internet

    Content Tech Ideas for Technology Use in the Classroom Using a worksheet to research information on the Internet and fill in the blanks is a popular activity. In its most fundamental state, this is a form of the strategy cues, questions, and advance organizers. Students use questions on the worksheet to (hopefully) guide them through […]

  • Flashback Friday: What Matters?

    In this month’s flashback, one of the posts I wrote in August 2004 is What Matters? The two questions I posed regarding if using technology in a lesson are appropriate were: Does the technology allow for new and unique learning experiences that are not possible without it? Does the technology allow for increased, more efficient […]