Rock ‘n Roll

We are ready to Rock ‘n Roll, that is. As of today, all new equipment has been received and most is set up and ready to go. The SMARTRoom is being setup, the new mobile lab has arrived, the portable writing tablets are here, and new printers are installed.

Wireless connections to the network and Internet are available from just about every classroom. There are some places in the building where the signal is not strong enough right now, so some classrooms may be limited it access to the wireless network. We will be working with IT to resolve this issue as we discover it.

We have some cool things in store for this year!

Protection on the Internet

Our senior network engineer in the district, Bob Rossi, said recently that in the past year, the amount of bad & nasty viruses, worms, etc. on the Internet has increased far more than in any previous period.

Michael Dell, chariman of Dell Computer Corporation, recently sent out a letter to all Dell customers regarding this issue. Here is the first part of the letter:

July 29, 2004

Dear Dell Customer,

The Internet has fundamentally changed many aspects of our work and personal lives. But the profound benefits of having a world of people and information at our fingertips does not come without dangers and difficulties.

Every time you are on the Internet, your PC is at risk of being infected by insidious programs like viruses, worms and spyware. Millions of Americans now have broadband Internet access, but a lack of common firewall protection makes computers attached to these connections more vulnerable to outside threats. In addition, the

SMARTBoards are here!

The SMARTBoards have arrived. We are most grateful to the PTSA for funding the purchase of these boards. The boards are interactive whiteboards which allow for some really neat possibilities in the classroom. Check out educational applications at this link:

Maximizing the Potential

Over the past couple of years we have introduced quite a bit of new educational technology to Heim, and this fall we will introduce a few more initiatives. It is exciting to have new technologies to incorporate into the classroom. It is also a challenge to know what is availalbe and how to implement it. For this reason, the theme for Educational Technology at Heim for 2004-05 is:

Maximizing the Potential

Meaning that we will focus on what works best in terms of getting students (and staff) to learn, and how we can maximize the impact of technology we now have to further that goal.

The Change is On!

The major change we planned for this summer is converting all Macintosh computers to the updated operating system, OS X. Mrs. Mendola has begun the process wih the iBooks on the mobile cart. The conversion process is quite easy, and the new operating system is EXCELLENT! I’m quite sure once everyone learns about the new OS, they will be very happy with the new features.

Goals For This Blog

There are so many cool things happening in computer technology. Every day I hear of something great that would be super to try in school. It can be hard for everyone to learn about and keep up with what is going on, so this Blog will serve as a diary of what we are doing, or are planning to do.