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  • Online Learning is Big Business

    I recently attended a presentation by online learning vendors who have been awarded a contract by our local BOCES. They offer online courses for students who need to make up missed or failed classes (credit recovery) or want to get ahead or take a low-enrollment class (credit accrual). The vendors offered to us through this […]

  • A Short List of Favorite Books

    My favorite books of all time have three things in common – two of those things are more relevant than the third: They are short in length The information/story presented is right on They are all blue (like I said, not as relevant) (at least I do not think so) On this list for a […]

  • Ten Year Plan: One-to-One Programs Are Not Worth It

    Perhaps I’ve gotten your attention with the title. Please take the time to think about what’s on my mind here. If I look out over the next ten years, pushing and prodding toward better learning, dedicating time and resources to implementing a one-to-one computing program is not worth it. That is not to say that […]

  • Farewell Mr. Kramer

    This video was created in January of 2008, but not posted to this site until March of 2015. This is one of my creations, a tribute to the principal of Heim Middle School who was retiring. The video represents so much of what I enjoy about video, and the power it has to tell stories. […]

  • Sage Advice

    During our Monday morning school reading period, I like to read through the pile of educational technology magazines that normally stack up (and until we began this reading time were often ignored…). Top on the pile this week was Edutopia (one of my favorites). In the monthly feature, Sage Advice, the question put to readers […]

  • A School is People Learning: Revisited

    Forgive me for waxing a bit philosophical here, but I want to spend a bit of time revisiting my mantra for education…A School is People Learning. I first wrote about it here during NYSCATE last year, and reaffirmed it here just before this school year started. This year’s NYSCATE brought it back again. At Milton […]

  • 10 Most Powerful Women in IT

    Following in the series of article on leaders in IT (see my previous post, The 100 Most Influential *People* in IT) eWeek just released the 10 Most Powerful Women in IT. While I continue to struggle with the genderizing of the technology world (in other words, it’s only an issue if we make it one), […]

  • What should our model classroom look like?

    This is a question we ponder regularly, and is a question we should ponder regularly. Its been on my mind again recently as we (district technology facilitators and IT staff) think about major upgrades to our computer technology hardware. So, what should our classrooms have in them as far as computer technology? We have started […]

  • A School is People Learning

    Having just finished the morning portion of a full day with Peter Reynolds (, the title above summarizes the inspiring morning I had. Albeit simple and basic, it sums up why we are here, in priority order. The fist priority in school is (should be) people. People (students, staff) need to be cared about first […]